“l love that this game supports up to 6 players from age 6+ because it really mixes fun and action activity into one game that’s great for all the family and friends. Players are all trying to go move up the board in order to win the game. Meanwhile, landing on a Risk & Rewards card or action card may advance you forward or backwards using minimal props.” 
Simple Rules 
There are only a couple mandatory rules that you have to follow. The main mechanic is roll the dice and move your token. This is something that most anyone can do! Players will choose a Token by the roll of the Dice, The dice number will determine your Character. Elect a player to manage the cards 
Ease of Answer 
You’ve got the Risk & Rewards board game on the table and family/friends are laughing and having a good time. Someone draws a trivia card and there’s some confusion on what’s the answer. Everyone reads it, you can check the answer sheet in the box for a rulin, some other games, this would be a hassle to search internet for the answer. 
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